The Story of PHC

Health emergencies come unannounced. Prime health card protects you & your family members in a medical emergency by averting medical error.

The PHC Story :
The PHC Power: Being, the first of its kind, The PHC integrates an onboard USB chip on the health card, to provide the best Portable and emergency Personal Health Record (PPHR). The PHC not only reduces/eliminates the chances of medical error but it also gives you and your doctor, complete access to your personal medical information, in just seconds.

Thus making it a complete health care product, the PHC provides complete solutions right from privileged services to emergency Health care, including medicine refill alerts and doctor’s appointment reminders to your smart Phone!

Prime India is affiliated to top-notch hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical stores & other wellness centers like health gyms, ayurveda centers & wellness spa’s spread all over India.

All our card holders are entitled to privileged services & discounts all across the country